Emoji Version 13.1

Emoji 13.1 is the set of emojis recommended for release in September 2020. Additions include mixed skin tone support for all variations of 💏 Kiss and 💑 Couple with Heart, which until this release were only available in default yellow on most major platforms.

As of November 2021, support for Emoji 13.1 is available on iOS 14.5, various Google platforms, Samsung One UI 4.0Twitter, Facebook, Windows 11, and the licenced emoji set JoyPixels. Limited support is also available via WhatsApp for Android

For early 2020 emojis, see Emoji 13.0. For the latest emoji release, see Emoji 14.0.

New Emojis in Version 13.1

New Emoji Components in Version 13.1

  • No components in this release